Goods/Services Beauty and personal care products, namely, after sun skin lotion, after shave preparations, namely, creams, gels and lotions, all purpose cotton swabs for personal use, non-medicated anti-cavity mouth rinses, bath gels and soaps, bath oils, beauty lotions, body oils, body powders, body cleansers, bronzing sunless tan accelerating foam, bubble bath, coarse and smooth nail emery boards, cosmetics, cotton balls for cosmetic purposes, cotton puffs and squares for cosmetic purposes, cream skin cleaners, daily pore facial cleansers, dental travel kit consisting of toothpaste, toothbrush and mouth wash all sold as a unit, dentifrices, denture cleaners, denture cleaning preparations, emery boards, foot creams, gauze pads for cosmetic purposes, skin lotion containing glycerine and rosewater, hair care preparations, hair shampoo and conditioners, hair tonics, milk baths, non-medicated mouth rinses, mouthwash, nail polish remover, non-medicated diaper rash ointment and lotions, non-medicated hair care preparations, non-medicated lip balm, non-medicated skin care preparations, non-medicated oatmeal body baths, petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes, pre-moistened cosmetic wipes, pre-moistened facial cleaning towelettes, pumice stones for personal use, shaving balms, gels, creams and lotions, shaving preparations, shower and bath powders, skin cleansers and creams, skin lotions and creams, skin moisturizers, soaps, sunscreen and sun-block preparations, sun tanning preparations, teeth whitening gels and films, and toothpaste
Health care products, namely, acetaminophen, pharmaceutical preparations for stomach acid reduction, acne treatment preparations, adhesive bandages, adhesive tape for medical use, allergy relief medications, medicated aloe vera gels for treatment of sunburn, analgesics, antacids, antibacterial pharmaceuticals, antibiotic creams and ointments, anti-diarrhea medications, anti-fungal creams for medical use, anti-gas medications, antihistamines, anti-itch creams, nausea treatment preparations, medicated anti-plaque mouth rinse, antiseptics, arthritis pain relief medication, artificial tears, aspirin, bandages for skin wounds, bismuth preparations for pharmaceutical purposes, bronchial dilators, calamine lotions, castor and mineral oils for medical purposes, pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of chest congestion, preparations for the treatment of colds, contact lens cleaning solutions, contact lens wetting solutions, contact lens disinfectants, cotton for medical purposes, cough drops and cough syrup, cough treatment preparations, dairy lactose digestive supplements, pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of dairy intolerance, decongestants, dental rinse, denture adhesives, diarrhea medication, douches, medicated drawing salves for treatment of minor skin irritations, ear drops, enema preparations, epsom salts, expectorants, eye drops, eye washes, feminine hygiene pads, fiber food supplements, flu cold and cough treatment preparations, pharmaceutical preparations for gas relief, glucose tablets for use as a dietary supplement, hand sanitizers, hemorrhoidal treatment, preparations and ointments, hydrocortisone, hydrogen peroxide for medical use, ibuprofen for use as oral analgesic, incontinence garments and pads, iodine, irrigating solutions for eye use, isopropyl alcohol for medical use, laxatives, lice treatment shampoos, lice treatment preparations, medicated body powders, medicated decongestant chest rubs, medicated chewing gum to stop smoking, medicated skin cleansers, medicated diaper rash ointments, medicated hair care preparations, medicated lozenges, medicated mouth wash, medicated pre-moistened hemorrhoidal, medicated pre-moistened wipes, medicated sunburn gels, miconazolenitrate preparations for the treatment of athlete's foot, migraine treatment preparations, milk of magnesia, essential mineral oils for medical use, minoxidil, motion sickness treatment preparations, muscle relaxants, nasal spray preparations, nutritional supplements, herbal supplements, ovulation test kits, pain relief medications, panty liners, panty shields, gels for use as a personal lubricants, petroleum jelly for medical purposes, medicated petroleum lip balm, pregnancy test kits for home use, preparations for treating colds, rubbing alcohol, rubbing compounds for medical and/or therapeutic use, saline nasal spray preparations, saline solutions for contact lenses, sanitary pads, medicated shampoos and conditioners, pharmaceutical preparations, namely, simethicone drops for use in treating excessive gas in the digestive tract and colic, sleeping pills, sore throat lozenges, pharmaceutical preparations for use as stay-awake aids, stool softeners, medicated sty ointments, suppositories, tampons, topical anesthetics, transdermal patches for use in the treatment of smokers to stop smoking, medicated vaginal creams, vaginal topical anesthetics, vapor inhalers filled with levmetamfetamine, vapor inhalers filled with epinephrine, medicated vitamin A and E lotions, vitamin and mineral supplements, medicated vitamin E body oils, witch hazel, other health care products, namely, wound dressings, gauze, medicated acne treatment pads and pore strips, acne treatment preparations, pharmaceutical preparations, namely, miconazole nitrate preparations for the treatment of athlete's foot and yeast infections, medicated tioconazole ointment, warming gels for use as a personal lubricant, and medicated zinc ointment
Beauty and personal care products, namely, callus rasps, callus cutters, cuticle scissors and pushers, eyelash curlers, nail scissors, nail buffers and clippers, nail files, razor blades, toenail nippers, tweezers, and manicure sets
Health care products, namely, external nasal dilators, aspirators for medical use, blood glucose meters, chemically activated hot and cold gel packs for medical purposes, thermometers for medical purposes, compression bandages, dental instruments, namely, mirrors, picks and interdental stimulators, ear syringes, lancets, medical ice packs, medical syringes, silicone gel sheeting for treatment of scars, and vaginal douche syringes; ear plugs used for medical purposes
Beauty and personal care products, namely, bath products, namely, facial cleaning buffs, daily cleaning cloths, toothbrushes, dental floss, foot brushes
Beauty aid products, namely, gel insoles, and insoles
EDEN PRAIRIE, MN 553443691
United States
Status Registered.
Filed 2004-03-05
Registered 2006-11-28
Serial No US78379410
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