Goods/Services Combination Freezer and Dispensing Machines for Soft Serve Ice Milk Dairy Products
Soft Serve Dairy Based Ice Milk and Mixes for Same
Technical and Business Assistance in the Establishment of Distributors of Soft Serve Dairy-Based Ice Milk and Mixes for Same, Combination Freezer and Dispenser Machines for Soft Serve Ice Milk Dairy Products, and Other Materials Incident Thereto
Owner Slush Puppie Corporation
Slush Puppie Corporation
1950 Radcliff Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45204
United States
Status Registration canceled under Section 8.
Filed 1982-02-03
Registered 1984-05-01
Serial No US73348541
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Design Codes 03.23.06- Bees; Hornets; Wasp; Yellowjackets
03.23.26- Costumed insects, spiders, and micro-organisms and those with human attributes
08.09.01- Ice cream, sherbet and frozen yogurt in cones; Sundae
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