Goods/Services Used in CANADA since August 01, 2003 on wares.
Owner 110-11800 River Road Richmond V6X 1Z7 BRITISH COLUMBIA
Filed 2006-11-23
Registered 2008-07-31
Serial No CA1325525
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Design Codes (1) Pharmaceuticals, health food supplements and herbal remedies, namely dammarane saponins and sapogenins (being refined compounds derived from natural sources) in the form of tablets, capsules, pills, powders, liquids, syrups, suspensions, solutions, ointments, aerosols, enemas, lotions and emulsions, used for allergy treatment, allergy prevention, cancer treatment, cancer prevention, health promotion, namely, cardiovascular function enhancement, immune system modulation, any of which can be used with or without other chemotherapy agents.
Services:(1) Operations of medical and naturopathic clinics for the treatment of various health problems; the sale of natural food supplements and herbal remedies.