Goods/Services Class: 3
Soaps of all types including medicated, anti-perspirant, deodorant, disinfectant and toilet soaps; perfumes and perfumery; essences and essential oils; cosmetics, cleansing lotions and creams, hand and body lotions and creams; hair care preparations in this class including hair lotions, shampoos, conditioners, shampoo/conditioners, anti-dandruff shampoos, baby shampoos and conditioners, hairsprays, styling mousses and gels; oral hygiene products (not being for medical purposes); preparations for the mouth and for cleaning the mouth including mouth fresheners, mouth freshener sprays, mouth washes, breath fresheners, toothpaste, dentifrices (none of the aforesaid being for medical purposes); deodorants for personal use, anti- perspirants; deodorant colognes; aftershave lotions, eau de cologne; shaving soaps and creams; suntan and sunscreen preparations

Class: 5
Pharmaceutical preparations; dietetic substances for medical use; analgesics; balsams and balms for medical purposes; therapeutic preparations for the bath; biocides, antiseptics, bacterial preparations and disinfectants; medicinal drinks including teas; vitamin preparations; pharmaceutical preparations for the skin, hair and scalp; dermatological preparations; medicated sun screen and sunblock preparations; cleansing bars; skin lotions and skin cream
Owner Bio Actives Pty Ltd
ACN: 085100992
Status Removed - Not Renewed
Filed 1999-08-04
Registered 0000-00-00
Serial No AU802633
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