Instagram: Polaroid + Kodak Instamatic trademark mashup?

February 24th, 2011 | by afiler

Instagram graphic

When I first saw this image on an article about photo-sharing app Instagram, I instantly jumped to thinking that this must be another Polaroid-licensed product. The Helvetica type is classic Polaroid too, used in their logo and, for a time, in their ads. Looking at it again, I realized that that’s not quite Polaroid’s trademark color band — and I noticed that the name “Polaroid” was nowhere to be seen. The camera in the graphic appears to be a Polaroid 1000, as seen below in this picture by Jose Lathrop on flickr. It looks like this might even be the image Instagram used for their graphic.

Polaroid 1000

Polaroid 1000

One of the many Polaroid logo entries on

Another Polaroid trademark

“Instagram” also makes me think of “Instamatic“, an old Kodak brand for instant-loading cartridge film cameras. The Instamatic brand is often confused with Kodak instant color film, a product Polaroid successfully sued out of existence for patent violations.

Kodak Instamatic 404

Kodak instant color film package

So is Instagram going to get sued out of existence by Polaroid too? Probably not. And I say that not because Polaroid’s not in the instant film business anymore (they’re actually big into licensing their brand now) but because it looks like Instagram got the hint — note how their blog still shows the old image, but their main page shows a much more abstract and sadly less beautiful camera.

And now, just because I can’t get enough of this rainbow-colored photographic advertising, some Sylvania Magicube flashbulbs:

Sylvania Blue Dot Magicubes

Sylvania Blue Dot Magicubes by Nuts&Gum, on Flickr

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